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Earl J. Lum is among the best in the wireless research industry. He excels in providing wireless market intelligence that no other wireless research companies have access to, and that makes for accurate global market share analysis and forecasting. For over twenty years, Earl has honed his analyst skills and earned the respect of wireless industry giants. His education and work background — which includes RF design engineering, product development experience, working as a wireless semiconductor industry analyst and as a Wall Street analyst — brings a lot to the table.

But what is the secret sauce that makes Earl a notable intellectual property expert in the wireless infrastructure market? How does he get his hands on the wireless ecosystem and mobile radio access market data that no one else has? How is he so accurate with business trends in the mobile and wireless world?

The answer is simple. Earl is an incredibly personable guy, and he keeps in touch with everyone. He’s the kind of guy who befriends you and makes a point to stay in touch with you on a personal level as the years go by. He has high integrity, works hard to deliver the most accurate data to all his clients, and is a great listener. Earl works with companies making the equipment, so he knows what’s going on with quantitative equipment manufacturers. Plus, he’s all about the numbers. You can’t forecast correctly and give good advice if you start with the wrong numbers, so he makes certain the numbers are accurate.

“I’m up front. I have my methodology. I am experienced with over 20 years in the industry. But it’s the personal connection that creates a lasting relationship with the people I meet.’

‘Most times, you have to pay to talk to the analysts at market research firms. I am accessible to my clients via emails and phone calls when they need me. Occasionally, I will share some data without charging. Everyone hates being nickeled and dimed to death. My model is to do the complete opposite of what the other research firms do to service my clients. I am honest, and I don’t play the bait and switch game with my research.’

‘I will also show potential new clients the information before they buy a report, and they quickly see and understand that the data we have is real. I want to build a 10+ year relationship with my clients so I can help their companies grow and become successful.” – Earl J. Lum

Being genuine is the key to Earl’s success. He’s authentic, a good listener, and easily connects with people on a level that goes beyond business. He also has a big heart. Part of the proceeds generated by EJL Wireless Research are donated to charities and socially responsible companies. When asked about his charitable donations, Earl explained:

“That’s important to me. Social responsibility makes a difference, especially Operation Smile, because it makes a big difference to these kids. Unicef does a lot of good things around the world. Rosie’s Place is helping women who are poor or homeless and creates a safe place for them with housing, education and support services.”

When you ask veterans of the wireless industry about Earl and his expertise, you’ll soon understand why they choose EJL Wireless Research for their wireless market intelligence.

For more information on our detailed reports, consulting services, and design analysis services, contact Earl J. Lum directly at (650) 430-2221 or elum@ejlwireless.com. We invite you to subscribe to our Email Updates, or meet with us at upcoming wireless conferences and events. Discover why EJL Wireless Research is the preferred choice for wireless market intelligence.



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