Design Analysis

When it comes to wireless infrastructure design analysis, EJL Wireless Research is your best bet. Wireless infrastructure systems and sub-systems include many different design philosophies and architectures, and what’s inside the proprietary equipment of network equipment manufactures (NEM). If you want to see how something is made, chances are very high that EJL Wireless Research can gain access to equipment that the rest of the industry cannot.

EJL Wireless Research offers three services: design analysis of infrastructure equipment, research reports, and consulting. Product development requires accurate intelligence about the equipment utilized inside wireless ecosystems. If you want to make certain your products in the mobile radio access market will be competitive with other mobile and wireless products being developed by the main NEM players, you need to hire EJL Wireless Research for accurate, proprietary, and cutting-edge design analysis.

If you want to see how something is made to keep up with business trends, the design analysis by EJL Wireless Research will uncover the “DNA-I” data you need. Additionally, we can forecast what is happening in the global wireless and mobile market by providing an inside look at the what the main NEM players — like Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Nokia/Alcatel-Lucent, Samsung, and ZTE — are bringing to market.


For more information on our detailed reports, consulting services, and design analysis services, contact Earl J. Lum directly at (650) 430-2221 or We invite you to subscribe to our Email Updates, or meet with us at upcoming wireless conferences and events. Discover why EJL Wireless Research is the preferred choice for wireless market intelligence.



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