EJL Wireless Research makes a point to attend as many wireless conferences as possible. Wireless industry events are where we see the newest global business trends in the mobile and wireless market. Because we are present at wireless conferences around the globe, it allows us to stay connected with the major players and start-ups serving the wireless industry.

Some of the upcoming events we typically attend include:

  • Mobile World Congress
    • Barcelona
    • Shanghai
    • Las Vegas
  • Barcelona
  • Shanghai
  • Americas
  • IMS
  • CS Mantech

If you are planning to be at one or more of these conferences, we invite you to connect with us while you’re there. Whether you are new to the wireless industry or a seasoned veteran, it is always nice to have a friendly face looking out for you at a busy conference. If you believe your company could benefit from the proprietary, accurate, and cutting-edge wireless market intelligence generated by EJL Wireless Research, reach out to us at one of these events. Below is a listing of the conferences we’ll be attending.


2024 events

For more information on our detailed reports, consulting services, and design analysis services, contact Earl J. Lum directly at (650) 430-2221 or elum@ejlwireless.com. We invite you to subscribe to our Email Updates, or meet with us at upcoming wireless conferences and events. Discover why EJL Wireless Research is the preferred choice for wireless market intelligence.



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