EJL Wireless Research adds the Ericsson FDD/TDD LTE +GSM Digital Baseband Unit to its DesigN Analysis Infrastructure (DNA-I) series of teardown reports

The FDD/TDD LTE+GSM multimode DUS 31 02 eNodeB solution from Ericsson allows mobile operators combine two digital units (DUG+DUL) into a single compact multi-mode system

Salem, NH, January 23, 2017:  EJL Wireless Research is announcing a new report within its proprietary DNA-I series, an Ericsson FDD/TDD LTE+GSM DUS 31 02 multi-mode eNodeB.

“This is our second opportunity to look into the DUS 31 multi-mode digital baseband unit for Ericsson’s RBS6000 platform. The DUS remains a key part of the overall RBS6000 portfolio. While Ericsson is shifting its production to the newer Baseband 52xx products, the DUS products continue to serve a significant number of mobile operators worldwide” said founder and President, Earl Lum.

“The multi-mode FDD/TDD LTE+GSM eNodeB unit supports in LTE mode a maximum downlink throughput of 300Mbps and uplink throughput of 150Mbps well as 2,500 connected users and 800 VoLTE users. It is also capable of supporting 4×4 MIMO and a maximum of 12 cells. The unit can be operated in single mode FD LTE, single mode TDD LTE, single mode GSM, multi-mode FDD LTE+GSM or multi-mode TDD LTE+GSM. The multi-mode capability of the DUS platform allows mobile operators to free up one critical DU slot within the RBS6x01 or RBS610x/620x/630x/6601 cabinets.

EJL Wireless Research continues to lead the wireless market research segment with innovative and cutting edge research such as its DNA-I series of products.

The following semiconductor & passive component suppliers are included in this report: Amphenol, Analog Devices, Broadcom, Ericsson, Fairchild Semiconductor, Integrated Device Technology, NDK, NXP Semiconductors, ON Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, TDK-EPCOS, Texas Instruments, and Vishay Semiconductors.

The report is currently available for purchase and information can be downloaded at www.ejlwireless.com. ■

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