EJL Wireless Research Reports Global Macrocell RRU/ARS Shipments Down 13% in 2018

5G Massive MIMO ARS shipments capture 2% share due to initial deployments in U.S., South Korea, and China

5G demand is a mixed bag with 8T8R RRU emerging as the entry point, not 64T64R ARS

Half Moon Bay, CA August 26, 2019:  Shipments of remote radio units (RRU)/antenna radio systems (ARS) experienced a decline of 13% in 2018 after growth in 2017, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled “Global Macrocell RRU/ARS Market Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2023 3rd Edition.” “The last several years have been choppy due to the transition from 4G to 5G, coupled with the U.S. export ban on ZTE in 2018, and continued mobile operator consolidation. LTE networks are mature and now migrating to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and LTE-Advanced Pro configurations,” says founder and President, Earl Lum. EJL Wireless Research is forecasting another down year in 2019 before a recovery in 2020.

“China is the main driver for 5G NR massive MIMO 64T64R ARS shipments in 2019, followed by massive MIMO 32T32R ARS in South Korea, and 8T8R RRU/massive MIMO 64T64R ARS in Europe. 5G mmWave ARS shipments continue to proceed at a snail’s pace in the United States. We continue to believe that the current U.S. export ban for Huawei Technologies will not impact RRU/ARS shipments in 2019 however 2020 is a different story altogether,” says Lum.

“For initial 5G deployments, we are bullish on 8×8 MIMO using traditional 8T8R RRUs and passive antennas and using the massive MIMO 64T64R ARS solution in a more surgical role and bearish on mmWave technology for mobile 5G services. We are also bullish on dual band RRUs for LTE-A upgrades as well as sector splitting to increase overall capacity and throughput when compared to massive MIMIO ARS solutions,” says Lum.

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